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LDP Electric Single Girder Overhead Crane

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Features & advantages: 1. Reasonable structure, light dead weight 2. Favorable performance, accurate and smooth lifting. 3. Safe and reliable traveling 4. Low noise, easy operation, 5. Convenient maintenance, high exchangeability for parts and components 6. Main girder: no-weld U-shape and one stop molding, increase the girder strength. LDP model motor-drive single beam crane belongs to very low clearance light duty lifting equipment. Electric hoist is at one side of main girder, so can increase service space of hook and reduce the cost. With advantages of big trolley tread, smooth travelling, tight structure, strong rigidity, delicate operation, low noise, safety and reliability and beautiful exterior, it is widely used in the situation that clearance height of workshop is low and the operating ambient temperature is -25˚C~+40 ˚C. LDP model motor-driven single bean crane is designed and produced according to GB/T3811-2008, JB/T 1306-2008 standard and used with model CD1, MD1. It is a light duty crane with rated load of 3 to 10 tons. The span is 7.5m ~22.5m. Working grade is A3-A4 and lifting height is 6~12m. The main operation method is ground control (ground control, remote control, ground control + remote control). If the span and lifting height is out of the range that stylebook lists, we can do non-standard design according to user requirement.

Place Of Origin
: China-Sino
: Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity
: from 0.5 T to 300t
: 3.5m to 34.5m
Lift height
: 3m to 60 m
Working duty
: A3(M3), A4(M4), A5(M5)
Working temperature
: -25-+45 degree
Work moisture
: <85%
Travelling Speed
: 20 m/min
Speed ratio
: 58.95
Motor – Model
: Cone Squirrel – cage
Motor – Power
: 0.8X2. 1.5X2 kW
Rotational Speed
: 1500 r/min
Model of Electric Hoist
: CD1 / MD1 Model
Lifting Speed
: 8 (0.8/8)&#44; 7 (0.7/7)
Lifting Height
: 6&#44; 9&#44; 12
Working System
: Intermediate Jc=25%
Electric Current
: 380V 50Hz
Wheel Diameter
: Φ270
Width of trail
: 37~70
: CE&#44; TUV&#44; GOST certificate&#44; Top qualit
: New

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